Ensure your female players are best prepared for training and match-day with the 'Prep-To-Play' resources.
The Prep-to-Play resources have been formulated by experts in coaching and sports medicine, to further support coaches of females at all levels and which aim to improve football skills, athletic performance and reduce injuries. Use the videos and handouts to help plan your sessions and as an education tool for players.

The AFL wishes to acknowledge and pay tribute to Danny Frawley for his contribution to the football community and for providing his expertise to the Prep To Play program. Coach Education and Female Football were two passionate areas of Danny’s and his work in the Prep To Play program and football at all levels will impact footballers for years to come. Danny’s passion and energy will leave a lasting legacy to all involved in our great game.

Duty of Care

Coaches have a duty of care to educate players about the effect their body can have on an opponent, and how to protect themselves and their opponent. Coaches also have a duty of care to follow the AFL Community Concussion Guidelines if any player has suffered a concussion or is suspected of having a concussion.
Download Community Concussion Guidelines Concussion Management - More info

'Prep-to-Play' Skills Videos

It is vital that coaches educate players on the safe technique and execution of the following contested skills and that these are frequently practised at training:
- Ground Balls
- Aerial Contests
- Coaching the Ball Carrier being tackled
- Coaching the tackler
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'Prep-To-Play' Warm Ups

The ‘Prep-to-Play’ warm-up program is shaped by research and experts in women’s football and injury prevention, and is designed to maximize performance and reduce injuries.
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Female Community Football Guidelines

The female football landscape across the country is developing rapidly and at varying stages of evolution. As such, the AFL National Female Community Football Guidelines (Guidelines) have been developed to provide clarity and guidance to community leagues (Leagues) and community clubs (Clubs) in establishing best-practice frameworks for female football.
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2018 Coaching Female Football Forum

The 2018 Coaching Female Football Forum provided coaches of young girls and women the opportunity to learn from leading coaches in the field and interact with their coaching peers.
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