Rookie Me Coach

CoachAFL and Rookie Me have partnered together to provide all accredited coaches of Australian Football with an innovative online platform, set to take your coaching to the next level.
Rookie Me Coach has been developed with an education-first approach to coaching. Using easy step-by-step animations, smart technology, and AFL developed insights, coaches can browse, learn, plan and execute training sessions that are engaging and purpose driven.

As part of your CoachAFL membership, you have a FREE subscription to Rookie Me Coach, which includes an extensive library of training activities, sessions, tools and educational resources. You can also upgrade to PREMIUM to access extra content and features, unlocking the ability to create, customise and further explore your coaching.

Platform Walkthrough

Watch a walkthrough of the Rookie Me Coach Platform to help explain key features, including:
• Team setup
• Activity library
• Filter system
• Activity set up and run
• Learning Outcomes
• The AFL Coaching Curriculum
• And more

Tailored For Your Team

Setup your teams customising age, gender, team size and appearance, to personalise your experience and display relevant content and education. Easily setup and manage individual training sessions for each team.

Explore Training Activities

Stay inspired, with access to an extensive library of training activities, covering moments and skills of the game.

Step-By-Step Guide

Each training activity offers a simple, step-by-step animated walk-through of how to setup and run the activity, from start to finish.

Learn How To Make An Impact

Rookie Me Coach has been designed and developed with an education-first approach to coaching, empowering you to understand the purpose behind every training activity and session through education and coaching tools including; Learning Outcomes, Coaching Points and a comprehensive Glossary of technical terminology.

Available Across All Devices

When you’re on the move or short of time, Rookie Me Coach lets you access your coaching resources on any device through our web application, for when you need it most. Throw away your paper, and quickly start a session from your pocket. Utilise easy-to-follow activities that you can visually showcase to your players and access educational points, so you can select and train with a clear purpose.

Access Official AFL Curriculum

Gain access to exclusive AFL coaching resources tailored for the team you coach, including sessions and insights from the AFL Coaching Curriculum for junior, youth and senior age groups.

Upgrade to Premium

Unlock access to extra content and features by upgrading your Rookie Me Coach subscription to Premium, including:
• Multiple teams
• Extend Training Activity Library
• Collections
• Active Requirements
• Change It’s
• Session Customisation
• Session Templates
• Session Run with Timer
• Score Counter
• And More

Official Coaching Technology Partner of the AFL

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