'Prep-To-Play' Skills

The Prep-to-Play resources have been formulated by experts in coaching and sports medicine, to further support coaches of females at all levels and which aim to improve football skills, athletic performance and reduce injuries.

Ground Balls

Being able to win the ball on the ground is integral to team success. Female football in its current state is a highly contested game on the ground. It is crucial that players are taught to perform the skill safely, to avoid head, neck and shoulder injuries.
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Coaching the Ball Carrier

Coaches should educate players to practice how to receive, break, or avoid a tackle. Progressive drills are important to allow players to increase their confidence and improve their ability to take contact.
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Aerial Contests

Coaches should design drills that allow players to practice safe technique of the different elements of an aerial contest - getting to the contest, preparation footwork, launching, marking, and landing. Not only should this reduce knee, ankle, head, shoulder and finger injuries, but will improve their marking and spoiling effectiveness.
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Coaching the Tackler

Coaches should include training drills to allow players to practice the safe execution of tackling, and educate them on the duty of care they have to themselves and their opponent. Drills should be progressive and allow players to explore techniques in controlled situations prior to game play.
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