How many Coach Development Points do I need to have?

Re-accreditation for season 2020 and onwards will require the accrual of 10 points over the course of the annual accreditation cycle.

Why have Coach Development Points been introduced?

Under a new National Coaching Strategy, the AFL is introducing Coach Development Points to foster ongoing learning and development of coaches in our community. It is acknowledged that coaches play the single-most important role in developing culture at a football club and we want to further develop our coaches to equip them with the skills they need to succeed. 

When do I need to re-accredit?

CoachAFL Memberships and Accreditation expire at the end of each calendar year on December 31. For 2019, all coaches that have an expiry date of December 31 2018 will required to renew their CoachAFL Membership. 

What is the cost of reaccreditation?

When re-accrediting as a coach you are required to complete the annual membership payment of $49.50. This not only provides you with accreditation, but membership to CoachAFL and access to hundreds of exclusive coaching resources! 

Where can I see my Coach Development Points?

Coach Development Points can be viewed when you login to your CoachAFL account. To view your points, click on the “Home" tab after you have logged in. From here, your points will be displayed on the right-hand side of the webpage.

How long does re-accreditation last for?
When re-accrediting as a coach, your membership to CoachAFL will be valid until December 31st of that year. For example, if you have a membership expiring in 2018 and you re-accredit in 2019 it will expire on December 31 2019.
Who can I contact to find out more information?

The best way to have any of your questions answered in regard to coachAFL is to use the ‘Get in Touch’ form located at the bottom of the Contact page. Once you complete the form, our Coaching Support Team will be in contact with you to ensure you are properly supported and get the help you need!

What resources are available?

coachAFL offers an extensive library of articles, videos, downloadable PDFs and activities (drills) you can use at training and develop your own coaching! All of this content is exclusive to coachAFL members and is tailored to your playing group!

Will I be able to access the Resource and Activity Libraries once my coachAFL membership expires?

When your membership expires at the end of 2018, you will be prompted to renew your coachAFL membership. If you choose not to renew, you will be unable to access the Resource and Activity Libraries.

Are the resources mobile-friendly?

Of course they are! We want coaches to be able to access these resources on your way to the practice session and whilst you are training.

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